Adding value to your software

"Never assume you can't do something.
Just because no one's doing it doesn't mean it can't be done"
Bill McGowan, MCI

The success or failure of the launch of an application depends on large measure, about the value that the end-user has given to such software, and by this reason so many variables will be tried at the time to recommend or continue with the line of offered products: analyzing the stability and the impact that the use of the program has on the work environment thereby to the extent of efficiency, friendliness and learning time, among many other possibilities.

But in all cases, the first "real" approximation of the end-user to the offered software, pass through its relationship whit the program's interface, and in a second instance, by the related documentation.

The online information (as your Website) and any other kind of information or promotion things, will be helpful to influence about the purchase of your products or to attend the users' difficulties in their use, but that not replace the experience to use such software, hoping that this meets the expectations for wich it was acquired.

And so, the combination or sum of this huge amount of small or large satisfactions and inconvenience, in the use of its application, or services eventually needed, ends of setup to that end-user, the value with that qualifies the used product.

Our work adds value to your products

  • Because our first priority is to obtain the end-user's satisfaction.
  • Because we provide a customized service according our clients' requirements.
  • Because our customers are unique and each of them is for us, an exclusive challenge that need efficient solutions to their requirements.
  • Because we analize the software, such as basic step or our tasks, we can "localize concepts" instead of "translate words", making a better reception and acceptance by the end-users.
  • Because using the applications, we can bring our experience as users, to improve the friendliness of the localized product, and it also allow us to expand the original documentation, develop interactive guides and help manuals, as well as websites and visual information to facilitate the understanding of the end user, decreasing the learning curve and improving the customer's satisfaction.
  • Because by providing a comprehensive service, we can also provide primary customer care to the Spanish-speaking users, increasing the speed of response and decreasing the occupation, within your company, of personnel more specialized from your Customer Care Departament.
  • Because at the time to localize your software into Spanish, we are not only a part of the solution, but we add value to your products.


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