An informal presentation

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn."
Benjamin Franklin

In a hyper-connected world, where everything is at the range of a click, idiomatic and language barriers still represent a significant obstacle.
This difficulty affects not only companies willing to enlarge the size of their data base, nowadays favoured by Internet diffusion, but also end-users, who cannot fully understand yet still use a great number of applications which could turn out to be very useful in everyday life.

The idea for SIADNet started in 1984, with the appearance of the first desktop computers and the almost inscrutable DOS 1.0, for exclusive use of obstinate lovers of that 'new and revolutionary technology' which finally became an essential (?) part of our lives.

Since then, lots of bytes and a great number of experiences have passed by.
Little by little, we ceased to be novel end-users trying to decipher the scarce or null initial documents available only in English, and marvelling at the launch of Windows 3.1.
We witnessed and accompanied the birth of the Internet, whose start was of an extremely low bandwidth, shared with a few BBS (Bulletin Board System), afforded by other enthusiasts who imagined the future travelled along that way, although, sometimes, downloading a 100 KB file could take even a few hours…

During those long years, we also met the difficulties which represented poor-quality developments, idiomatic barriers, incoherent translation and inexistent documentation.
Later, we would transmit our experience to other less advanced users, teaching them to understand and, mainly, to become enthusiasts of these new technologies.
Technologies which, when well-planned, make our everyday life easier, shorten distances between far-off loved ones, allow us to participate in social networks and share our memories and thoughts.

Gradually, as a result of our own needs and almost without noticing it, we discovered there was a link missing, which would improve the relationship between the application developers and the end-users from other latitudes.
We realized, then, that it was not enough to do an 'approximate' translation of a document, to translate a program interface 'as best as we could' or to produce a 'reasonable' Spanish version of a web site, because all these generated (inside us) a huge dissatisfaction, and increased the time necessary to learn how to use a program which, in case we interpreted it, would make our everyday life simpler.

As time went by, we understood that it was not enough to offer scattered partial solutions, but it was necessary to cover all aspects of what localizing an application in our own language means, for the benefit of company growth and end-users' greater satisfaction.
It was then when this heap of bytes and experiences turned into the company we are today.

We also perceived, from the very beginning, that only by means of the highest professionalization, creativity, constant training and systematization we could achieve our objectives.
And for the same reason, we have developed our own internal organization protocols, complemented by the recommendations stated by ISO total quality management standards, socialized our knowledge, and set the goal of constant improvement of each process.

That is why, our motto is:

Comprehensive solutions to complex problems
for Spanish software localization

If you require further information about our activity, services and solutions, we invite you to take a virtual tour of our web site.
In the Quick reference section, you will find a series of visual presentations, which will provide a quick and short approach to our company.

Thank you for letting us share this presentation with you.

Carlos Ostrovsky

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