A partial list of our clients
and implemented solutions for them

"The thought of marketing is undergoing a change:
to maximize the utility company gets for each transaction to maximize the mutual benefit that is obtained from each relationship."
Philip Kotler

This detail is a brief summary of our activity.

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Some of our clients:

Ontinet.com, S.L.
A Spanish company dedicated to the wholesale distribution of computer products, for which locate into Spanish, applications of different companies, also we develop web sites, and we do
the translation of varied technical information, among other tasks.
A través de Ontinet.com, S.L.
A Russian company that has developed some tools to obtain precise information from web sites and e-mail accounts, at the time planned.
A través de Ontinet.com, S.L.
A Russian Company geared to the individual and small/medium corporate segment.
It develops safety products, such as firewall, antivirus, antispam, antispyware, also integrated applications.
Main products: Outpost Security Suite,
Outpost Firewall Pro, Outpost Antivirus Pro.
A través de Ontinet.com, S.L.
A Slovak company that develops security software for protection from individual users to large corporations or cities.
Main products: ESET NOD32 Antivirus,
ESET Smart Security, as well a wide range of corporate applications that protect almost all operating environments.
Locktime Software
A través de Ontinet.com, S.L.
A Czech company that develops software tools for the control of bandwidth.
Main products: NetLimiter Pro, NetLimiter Lite, NetLimiter Monitor.
Stellar Information Systems Ltd.
A través de Ontinet.com, S.L.
An Indian company specializing in the recovery and repair of data: files and e-mail, as well as in the safe deletion of information stored in varied physical means.
Main products: Stellar Phoenix for different operating environments.
Cignus A Wholesale Distributor of software, with headquarters in Argentina and Chile, and a broad channel of resellers in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia and Peru.
Main products: Kaspersky Lab, Acronis, CrashPlan, PineApp, entre otros.

Some of our solutions:

Graphic Design:
or adaptation of
advertising brochures.
Advertising brochure
Development of
container box CD.
Animated images:
Advertising images for several brands,
adapted according to
the characteristics of
several web sites.
Animated imageAnimated image
Flash objects:
Banners made
in Flash format.
Interface translation:
and adaptation of
the user's interface,
into Spanish.
Software interface localization
Translation of the
End User License Agreement
and adaptation
into Spanish of
legal documentation.
End User License Agreement
Localization of
technical documentation
End-user's Manual.
End-user's Manual
Localization of
technical documentation
Manuals and user guides.
Technical documentation
and adaptation
into Spanish
of the web site.
Web site localization
Online information:
User's guides
and images galleries.
Online guide
Online information:
Development of
specific glossaries.
Online glossary
Web site maintenance:
Publishing of news,
prizes and information.
Latest news
Primary Assistance
to the end-user
Response to the more frequent consultations of the end-users.
Primary Assistance to the end-user
Technical Analysis:
On applications, documentation
or development of virus.
Virus activity
Software testing :
The outcome of the localization is analyzed
as well as any type of problem aesthetic
or functional.
Software testing
Spanish localization, Spanish technical manuals writing, translation, software testing, quality analysis, black box testing
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